The Design Process

What To Expect When You Partner With Us.

Step One

Briefing and Research

This is the first step we take towards your new and exciting website! Here we start with a basic brief, what you need practically, what your design preferences are and the basic overview of the project

Step Two

Mockup And Sign-Off

Step two is all about getting an idea of what your site could look and feel like.

Step Three


Based on the previous two steps, we build out your website pages and integrate all the features required.

Step Four

Revision and Final Delivery

We go through the site and make a list of all the changes you would like to implement, then update the site accordingly.

Step Five


Here we optomise your website to maxamise it’s search engine ranking. This has an initial component as well as an ongoing component.

Step Six


Believe it or not, websites need monthly maintenance to ensure all the components are working optimally. Because websites use a lot of third-party components that get updated by their creators as and when needed, your site could stop working when one of these updates happen, so ensuring everything places nicely together is critical to a reliable website.

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